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Life is positive, HIV does not change that.

reporter / host: Kinga Rusin, Piotr Kraśko

aired on Sunday, 01 Dec 2019


Talk about an important social campaign concerning HIV with it's creator, Tomasz Siara - our today's guest of "RAPORT".


Key messaging

  • We want to demystify the issue of regular health checkups – not just for HIV.
  • Living with HIV lasts as long as life of a “regular” person.


It was an important part of your campaign. And it makes us proud that you walk this path, which gives encouragement and confidence to many others. Still a lot of strength.

TOM: Thank you Torsten, it’s a music to my heart. Its amazing beginning of a long term devotion to this topic, we are so ready for this

Always with a heart for your good heart.


Congrats! The level of public education in the field of HIV / AIDS or sexual life in general is practically zero in Poland. Fear and shame dominate, and people (including young people) learn from porn videos and other dubious sources. Such initiatives are very much needed. The more that the problem of HIV can affect practically everyone – even in monogamous relationships, it is not 100% certain that a partner or partner somewhere “on the side” did not pass someone else and if there is no “memento” of it.